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Speed Patrol is a Game Changer for Combating Local Speeding Issues

Now you can take action to slow speeding drivers on your neighborhood streets. Introducing Speed Patrol, a consumer-priced radar speed sign that puts an effective traffic calming tool in the hands of citizens to use where and when they need it. Even better, the cost, size and portability of the Speed Patrol sign open a world of new ways to use this tried-and-true technology than ever possible before. How could you use Speed Patrol?

Traffic calming: Where it is needed

City officials typically give high-traffic roads and the busiest intersections priority as they decide where to install a radar speed sign. And we can understand why. Even with larger city budgets, a limited approach is the only affordable option when one sign costs up to a few thousand dollars. Unfortunately, purchasing a radar speed sign is not even an option with most community association’s and homeowner’s budgets.

Without feasible traffic calming solutions for neighborhood use, local speeding issues have continued on ignored or under-addressed. However, if you are reading this article, you clearly aren’t willing to accept the status quo when it comes to the safety of your local streets.

With its affordable price-point, Speed Patrol gives communities and homeowners another option. Radar speed technology can now be used in so many more places where speeding and distracted driving is an issue—residential neighborhoods, small streets and even parking lots. Simply put, pedestrians can be protected more often and in a broader range of locations and situations.

Traffic calming: When it is needed
We all know that the safety of our neighborhood streets is anything but constant. There are certain times of the day and special days of the year when the number of cars or the density of pedestrians, as well as safety issues, increase. A traffic calming device must be portable so it can be placed where and when it is needed to address the unique driver safety issues that plague neighborhoods

Traditional radar speed sign trailers can weigh 500 pounds and require a vehicle to tow them from one location to another. They can be moved, but they aren't meant for temporary or unexpected conditions, like neighborhood kids playing in the street or slippery roads after a snowfall.

The good news is that long-term or permanent installation is no longer the only or best way to use a radar speed sign. Weighing just seven pounds, Speed Patrol can be easily relocated as needed. Plus, a portable stand is also available so moving the sign is simple and convenient.

Speed Patrol: How it is Used

The possibilities are endless when it’s this easy to move a driver feedback sign from place to place.

Community use:

  • Homeowner associations can respond to resident complaints by rotating their Speed Patrol signs to where cut-through traffic or repeat speeding drivers is reported.
  • Communities can put their Speed Patrol out for annual events like block parties, community garage sales or on Halloween to alert drivers of trick-or-treaters.
  • Neighbors or communities can purchase a shared Speed Patrol sign and set up a loan-out program. Just like a library book, the sign can be checked out for birthday parties and other private events.

Individual use:

  • Speed Patrol provides increased peace of mind wherever loved ones are vulnerable to drivers.
  • Parents can take their personal radar speed sign to their child’s soccer game or grandma’s house.
  • Speed Patrol can be put out when kids are riding bikes in front of their house or placed near the bus stop at the start of the school year.
  • The sign's flashing display is particularly useful after weather conditions deteriorate, and the risk of accidents increases.

A new tactical approach to slowing speeding drivers

The high cost of most radar speed signs limits the number of signs that are affordable for one organization or individual to purchase. At a price point of $895, community associations can buy multiple Speed Patrol signs for the price of one traditional radar speed sign and strategically place them across several locations in a community. This multi-sign approach exponentially increases the impact. Intentionally rotating the signs to different areas exposes drivers to repeated, powerful reminders to be more alert and aware of their speed.

Effectively slowing speeding drivers

“The more something in our environment is dynamic and constantly changing, the more we are likely to notice it,” said Melissa Burkley, phD in her article, “A Psychologist’s Perspective: Why Radar Speed Signs are Effective in Reducing Speeding.” That is where radar speed signs come in.

Each time we pass them, they flash a new piece of data. Their feedback is a constantly changing stimulus in our otherwise static routine, which means we are less able to habituate to them. As a result, our brains are more likely to take note of their warning and adjust our behavior accordingly.”


Empowering Citizens with Traffic Calming Solutions

With pedestrian accidents spiking over the last two years, putting more solutions in the hands of citizens could be just what is needed to make neighborhood streets safer.

The Speed Patrol sign truly is a game-changer for combating local driver speeding issues.
It not only opens the powerful technology to more people and organizations but transforms the entire strategic approach for when and where radar speed signs can be used.





















For more great ways to use Speed Patrol, view our infographic: 6 Creative Uses for Speed Patrol Signs.

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