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Speed Patrol Sign

The Speed Patrol sign is the first consumer-priced radar speed sign and is a powerful traffic calming tool that is ideal for individuals, homeowner associations (HOAs) and private organizations. The new electronic Speed Patrol sign innovatively re-packages proven radar technology into a compact driver feedback sign that is priced dramatically lower than alternatives. Weighing just 7 pounds, ease of installation and portability make the Speed Patrol sign appropriate for addressing local driver safety issues. Read more about how to slow drivers near you in the “recommended uses” tab below.

In addition to being a powerful, traffic calming tool, the Speed Patrol sign allows users to learn more about the traffic near them with its traffic data collection. Each day, the sign will calculate the average speed, approximate # of cars and approximate # of speeders. The sign will store 5 days of traffic data at a time to allow for users to see any trends day-to-day.

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Residential Individuals

Purchasing only the Speed Patrol sign is recommended for residents that just need a simple, effective tool to slow speeders and do not plan to pair it with a neighborhood safe driver campaign.

Check out the Good Neighbor Kit for the most effective use of the Speed Patrol sign by individuals in a neighborhood.

Learn more about how Speed Patrol can help residents make their street safer.

HOAs and other Managing Associations

The Speed Patrol sign without accessories is recommended to managing associations and neighborhoods that need a general traffic calming tool without concerns for resident communications. Larger communities can also purchase one or several of the individual signs in addition to one of the Speed Patrol kits for the most effective solution.

Check out the Safer Community Kit for the most effective all-around solution for speeding cars.

Learn more about how Speed Patrol can help managing associations make their neighborhood and community streets safer.

Events & Other Uses

The Speed Patrol sign is both extremely effective and portable, making it the best option for people who want to use it in a variety of locations that requires drivers to drive safer. Some recommended uses are the parking lots of parks, sports complexes, or along roads entering into the parking lots of some of these facilities.

Check out the Special Events Kit for most effective event traffic calming.


We encourage anyone who is looking to use the Speed Patrol sign along a public road to consider either purchasing a Speed Patrol Portable Stand or plan on using another type of temporary sign holder as most local municipalities dissuade against the installation of, or attachment to, a permanent structure.

Product Specs

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