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Traffic Calming Articles

Why Municipalities Should Support Resident-Led Traffic Calming Initiatives

Safety sets the tone of a community. It matters above almost anything else to residents—so it’s no wonder that mayors rank public safety as one of their very top priorities. When looking for a new home, prospective residents consider a community’s safety above everything else except cost, according to a recent Safest Cities in America…

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A New Solution to Slow Speeding Drivers in Your HOA

You would expect your Homeowners Association (HOA) residents to drive safer the closer they get to home and you would hope that non-resident drivers—that benefit from your neighborhood’s ability to shorten their commute—would respect the speed limits as they cut-through each day. However, unique conditions make speeding prevalent in neighborhoods. Since residents travel their home…

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A Psychologist’s Perspective: Why Radar Speed Signs are Effective in Reducing Speeding

In the last few years, we have seen an explosion of technology designed to make driving safer. Rearview cameras and blind spot warnings alert us to unseen dangers. Electronic stability control prevents us from sliding on slippery roads. Automatic emergency braking anticipates impending collisions and brakes to avoid them. Yet, after years of decline, traffic…

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How to Slow Speeding Drivers in Your Neighborhood

You are not alone if speeding drivers in your neighborhood are making you frustrated and concerned for your safety. Speeding in residential areas is now the most common citizen complaint issued to police departments and city council representatives. In many communities, a once leisurely walk down the block or playing with your child or pet…

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