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Traffic Calming Applications

Speed Patrol offers an effective traffic calming solution that is suitable for most local speeding problems.

To discover the different ways to use the Speed Patrol sign and which products are best for you, click below on what best describes you and the location of your speeding problem.


Homeowners looking for solutions for speeding down residential roads that they can either implement themselves or pitch to their HOA/management association to implement on the neighborhood’s behalf.

HOA or other Community Association

Leaders or representatives within a neighborhood or community management association looking for a small or large-scale speeding solution for their residential streets. This is also applicable for senior living, apartment and vacation communities.


Anyone who is looking to solve a local speeding problem either on residential or private roads. Bring one with you to your child’s next soccer match to help slow down parking lot speeders; Or, use it to manage church, event, or business traffic—the uses are endless!

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