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4 Ways You Can Keep Streets Safer This School Year

It’s that time of year—the kids are shuffling out the door and to the bus stop once again. There is no doubt that with the school year comes congestion, increased neighborhood traffic, busy school drop-off lanes and crowded parking lots at sporting events and other school functions. While we can preach to our children about street safety and our teens about driver safety, there is little we can do to control what other drivers do… Or is there?

Okay, so actually controlling other drivers is a stretch. But, what if we could influence their decisions, break through the barrier of distracted driving and improve overall safety where our children are most vulnerable? The Speed Patrol radar speed sign was created for this very purpose, and it is priced so that ordinary people (mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers, concerned neighbors) can take driver safety into their own hands, rather than waiting on their municipality.

Due to its ultra-light design, Speed Patrol signs are incredibly portable and perfect for all local traffic/pedestrian situations. The electronic sign’s dynamic display flashes a driver’s speed as they approach, reminding drivers to slow down and drive alert.

Here are our top four suggested uses for Speed Patrol signs this school year:

1. Bus Stops
Whether it’s down the street or at the end of your driveway, place the Speed Patrol sign about 200-500 yards from the bus stop to alert speeding drivers to slow down. Placing the sign ahead of the bus stop gives drivers enough time to slow down before driving past the kids. Always place the sign at an approved private property rather than in the street itself.

2. Walk-to-school routes
The luxury of living close enough to school for your kids to walk is fantastic, but it can be nerve-wracking for parents. Speed Patrol’s dynamic speed display is a compelling reminder for drivers to be cautious and watch for pedestrians as they arrive and depart. We recommend placing the Speed Patrol sign along the busiest street that your kids have to cross or walk along on their way to school. If this isn’t your house, talk to your neighbors about hosting the sign at least during the most vulnerable times such as the first few weeks of school and after bad weather strikes.

3. School Sporting Events & Festivals

From tailgating at Friday night football games to parading around the school during festivals, parking lots can get crazy, especially at high schools where new drivers are coming and going. Partner with your school to place the Speed Patrol sign alongside the parking lot or street where after-school events are hosted.

4. After-School Play
School may be back in session, but those kids are still going to need some outdoor playtime (once homework is done, of course)! Set Speed Patrol up in front of your house or, if possible, at the entrance of your neighborhood. This will give you an extra layer of confidence while your kids play in the front yard or race on their bikes around your cul-du-sac.


How do you plan on putting your Speed Patrol sign to use this school year?
We love hearing about all the ways our customers use the Speed Patrol sign to improve driver safety in their communities. Share your Speed Patrol ideas on social media and be sure to tag us (@SpeedPatrolSign) so we can help inspire others!

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